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Cottage in the Sky: A collection of practical musings on freedom, nourishing the soul, and the pleasures of remaining untamed.
Cottage in the Sky: A collection of practical musings on freedom, nourishing the soul, and the pleasures of remaining untamed.

Practical Musings

Liberty: freedom from society’s consumerist opinions on lifestyle and behaviour. Freedom from the need for approval.

Not only am I a writer, but a nutritionist, personal trainer, and former healthcare professional who flouts societal norms in favour of impartiality, healthful choices, and living in harmony with the environment.

Apparently every writer is supposed to have a blah-blah-blog. A waste of time — both of yours and mine.

Instead, in the spirit of providing you with something useful, Cottage in the Sky is about architecting a life of freedom and happiness — on both broad and micro-focused levels. An exposé of beliefs and choices that unwittingly indenture us (and our loved ones) into stressful workforce slavery, leaving no time for creation.

Rousseau, an ardent advocate of the state of nature, maintained, “Man was born free, but everywhere he is in chains.”

Time, health, and our environment are the real currencies, not money.

So, if like me, you:

  • have a terrific yearning to create because it nourishes your soul;
  • believe that health, happiness, and loving relationships are most important;
  • have zero interest in pursuing the dollar beyond what you need to live;
  • find experiences more worthy than the collection of stuff;
  • have the courage to flout the status quo and analyze choices unclouded by consumerist brainwashing.

Well, then you’ve come to the right place.

SLLeong, Cottage in the Sky: Nothing's more important than freedom.
Cottage in the Sky: Nothing’s more important than freedom.

It’s About Freedom!

  • Freedom from clutter,
  • Freedom from chores,
  • Freedom from the 9-5,
  • Freedom from the commute,
  • The freedom to create happiness, whatever that means for you.

This means making decisions based on thrift, health, and the environment. If you make the choice for one, the other two often follow. It’s amazing how often these three go hand-in-hand.


Most folks focus on making money. But the alternate, saving money, is equally as powerful. Buying stuff we don’t need requires space and both require longer hours of work. Don’t get me wrong, I love my career, but I also love to write. Architecting a desirable lifestyle usually means working less, which requires buying less, and living in a smaller space.


I’m a healthcare professional by education and career. Our bodies are envelopes tethering us to the Earth. Unhealthy habits eventually morph into a restricted lifestyle. Whereas a healthy body means freedom, happiness, and a sharper mind.


I’m an environmentalist. Nature is a huge inspiration in my writing and I’m passionate about taking care of our environment. Without it, we have nothing.

SL Leong, Cottage in the Sky
Sylvia Lorianne Leong, Cottage in the Sky
Cottage in the Sky
Cottage in the Sky


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