Literary Curriculum Vitae

Sylvia Lorianne Leong


3rd place in Vancouver’s 27th Annual North Shore Writing Competition – “North Vancouver” a Short Fiction adapted from Chapter Six of the yet unpublished novel, THE UNWICKED WITCH

  • “North Vancouver” Short Fiction 3rd place winner in the 2023 NSWA newsletter
  • “The Least of Myself” Short Fiction, Pulp Literature Press Magazine, Spring 2023
  • “Gender Neutral” Short Fiction, Literature Undressed Magazine, Winter 2022
  • “Ghost Story” Short Fiction, Pulp Literature Press Magazine, Winter 2021
  • Ongoing – Dare to be Heard, offered by the North Shore Writers’ Association
  • 18 May 23 – Noir at the Bar, Victoria
  • 06 May 23 – Pulp Literature Press Magazine Launch, Tri-City Writers’ Fest
  • 26 Aug 21 – VPL Writer in Residence, Open Mic with Lindsay Wong
  • 02 Jan 21 – Pulp Literature Press Magazine Launch (Online)
Learning from Courses
  • Writing Tension (online course) with Cece Lyra, Literary Agent
  • Fiction Series for the Weekend Student, with Nancy Lee – SFU
  • Humour in Writing, with Eileen Cook – CapU
  • Writing With Style (advanced grammar) – UBC
  • Grammar, Creative Writing – CapU
Learning from Books
  • The Elements of Style, Strunk and White
  • Story Genius, Lisa Cron
  • Emotional Craft of Fiction, Donald Maas
  • On Writing, Stephen King
  • Save the Cat Writes a Novel, Jessica Brody
  • Story, Robert McKee
  • Sin and Syntax, Constance Hale
  • Consider This: Moments in My Writing Life after Which Everything Was Different, Chuck Palahniuk

Learning from Podcasts
  • The Shit No One Tells You About Writing, Bianca Marais, C​arly Watters, Cecilia Lyra
  • Shaelin Writes, Shaelin Bishop

29Feb24–Present: First Reader for Pulp Literature Press

  • North Shore Writers’ Association
  • MONOVA, Museum of North Vancouver
Sylvia L. Leong
Sylvia Lorianne Leong